3 Reasons Every Home Buyer Should Have a Home Inspection Done »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

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A home inspection report is designed to provide you with an overall picture of the condition of the home that you are planning to purchase. If you are skeptical about the benefits of a home inspection, you should be aware that home inspection can actually save you from thousands in unexpected repairs after the purchase.
As a homebuyer, you want to have a clear picture of the home that you are purchasing. A home inspection is the first step to determining if the home is really worth the cost that you are willing to pay.
In many cases, buyers simply rely on the real estate agency to provide a referral to a home inspector. However, it is your job to find an experienced home inspector that can uncover problems that others might overlook.


What Family Buyers Are Really Looking for in Your Home »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

Selling your home is all about knowing what your target buyer’s market wants, and appealing to it. Different stripes of buyers require different approaches to best appeal to their needs and wants, and one of the most common buyer types is the family buyer. These people are interested in how your home will work for them and their loved ones, and how well the house will grow with them over the years. Check out what families will be looking for when they’re on a visit to your home.

Location, Location, Location

It’s common knowledge that real estate is all about location, when it comes to family buyers, it’s still true. Families want to know that your home is in an appropriate and convenient area for their needs: for example, is it along bus routes, or will their children have to walk or be driven? What is the quality and reputation of the local school district? Is it right next to a busy street or highway?

5 Stress-Reducing Moving Tips for Packing Up the Family Home

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Moving from the family home requires that you carefully coordinate each step of the moving process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. By getting organized, making alternative plans in the event of a problem, and performing the move over a few days instead of just one, you can make your move less stressful.


Moving to a new home is always stressful. However, there are many things that you can do to make the process less stressful. Most of what makes moving difficult is the fact that there are a lot of things that need to be done in a short period of time. In addition, there is also little room for error because once you move, you are likely to never return.

However, if you plan properly for this event, you can decrease the chances that something unexpected causes a major disruption in your plans.

What to Expect From a Realtor With Regard to Marketing Your Home »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

Choosing the right Realtor is an essential step in selling your home. A Realtor can ensure that your home receives enough exposure to attract potential buyers and serious offers. If you are in the process of selecting a Realtor to represent your property, you should know what a Realtor will do for you in terms of marketing your home to potential buyers.


Hiring a Realtor is one of the most important decisions you will make with regard to selling your home. As a homeseller, you want your property to sell quickly and at a reasonable price. A Realtor can help you to realize these goals by marketing your property your property to potential buyers.

Allowing a Realtor to market your home to sell involves much more than simply hosting an open house. The Realtor is responsible for creating online property listings for your home to advertise it to buyers online.

Major Home Defects to Watch Out For

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When you decide to buy a home, getting a home inspection done is a crucial step that can help you to uncover defects with the home. However, there are certain types of defects that occur in homes at much higher rates than others. What should you do if the seller has not disclosed the defects?


As a homebuyer, you know that every home that is for sale isn’t in perfect condition. However, it is your job to uncover whether there are serious defects or not. While laws do require that both real estate agents and sellers disclose serious defects with a property, sometimes this doesn’t happen.

Unfortunately, a homebuyer may not be notified of a serious defect. Matthew Izzi, LegalMatch Legal Writer and Attorney at Law recommends that homeowners be proactive in order to protect themselves.

How to Makeover Your Investment Property Kitchen for $500

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There is nothing like looking at a design magazine or reading an inspiring article to get you excited about renovating your kitchen, but on a tight budget your options might feel limited. With so many resources available and enough elbow grease, you would be surprised how easily you can transform your kitchen.

Here are some simple ways to update your investment property kitchen without breaking the bank:


It goes without saying that paint can truly transform a room. Thankfully it is also a very cost effective way to update an otherwise ugly space. The avocado green walls may have suited your grandma, but it’s contributing nothing but retro vibes to your kitchen right now. Aim to choose warm neutral tones as these colors give a welcoming impression, but also are more appealing to potential buyers.

Deep Clean

Nothing sends people running faster than a filthy kitchen. T

5 Things to Consider Before Committing to a “Fixer-Upper” »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

“Needs a little love,” “project home,” and “fixer-upper” are terms that pop up on listings around the country, aimed at enticing energetic and industrious homebuyers who are looking for a unique and rewarding challenge. However, are you really up for the demands that come with this kind of home purchase? To answer this question – and address a variety of other concerns that come with fixer-uppers – let’s hear from some of the leading voices in the real estate industry.


The concept of the fixer-upper is definitely appealing – as long as you know what you’re getting into before you sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, too many new homeowners bite off a lot more than they can chew on this front and end up stuck in a bad real estate position. From poor planning to an inflated sense of ability regarding renovations, there’s plenty of issues that can derail this kind of project.

6 Deal-Breakers that Will Send Home Buyers Running for the Hills »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

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Selling your home is all about appealing to the market. You’re putting a product out there, so of course you have to take steps to make it appeal to your prospective customers. Some flaws are excusable: not having a fireplace in the living room, kitchen tiles that are slightly out of fashion, and so on. When your home has certain flaws, however, you’ve got to take steps to improve or downplay them – otherwise, they’ll send any sane home buyer dashing for the door.

Utilities Gone Wild

Water, heat, and electric are the first things any smart buyer will check in a prospective home, so you’d better make sure yours are up to code and working at full throttle.

How to purchase a foreclosed home with real estate agent support

Purchasing a foreclosed home is a great opportunity for families and investors alike who are looking for a good deal. However, the process is far from a simple affair. To get you started off on the right foot, let’s connect with some trusted industry sources and cover the 10 things you absolutely need to know if you’re in the market for a foreclosed home.


Leaky roofs, liens, and a variety of other factors play into the sale and acquisition of foreclosed and abandoned homes. Avoiding the numerous pitfalls that plague and hinder other buyers, as well as minimizing your risk, starts with a smart and educated take on the process.


Stepping away from the standard new home market and venturing into the world of foreclosed homes isn’t for the faint of heart. While there’s no arguing this point, that doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid this type of home purchase.

Do Open Houses Really Help Sell Homes? »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

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If you’re selling a home, tradition dictates that you and your family hold an open house and invite a group of potential buyers in to take a look at the house for themselves. On the surface, it seems like a great idea. However, does this staple of the real estate sales process really help sell homes? To find out whether or not this tactic is worth your time, let’s reach out to some of the most notable voices in the real estate community. This way, you’ll have all the info you need to get your home on the market and sold as efficiently as possible.


There’s a lot more that goes into an open house than one might think. Making sure every square inch of the house is spotless, providing refreshments to your guests, and spending time rubbing elbows is just the start of things.