Preparing For Winter’s Next Assault – Tips For Winterizing Your Home »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

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Ideally, home winterization should start in autumn, but if “Old Man Winter” got the jump on you, all is not lost.

Now that winter is in full fury, hopefully, you have already taken extra steps to keep your home warm and toasty this year. Many regions of the country are experiencing an early and exceptionally cold winter. Freezing temperatures, heavy snow accumulations, flood warnings, powerful winds, and ice create conditions that require vigilance.

Winter weather can knock out power, heat and services to your home, sometimes for days at a time with heavy snowfall and extreme cold immobilizing an entire region. The National Weather Service refers to winter storms as “Deceptive Killers” as the majority of the deaths are indirectly related to the storm and may result from hypothermia from long exposure to cold. It’s important to be prepared for winter’s next assault.


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