Get Ready for the Big Day: Your Step-by-Step Home Moving Checklist »Best Value Real Estate North Carolina USA

Get Ready for the Big Day: Your Home Moving Checklist
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So you’ve signed that mortgage contract, sold your old place, and are ready to move into your new home. As moving day approaches, a certain amount of stress is expected; however, don’t make it harder on you and your family than it has to be. Check out our comprehensive moving checklist to ensure that you stay on track, stay motivated, and have everything ready to go by the big day.

Now’s the Time to Downsize

After you’ve signed all the paperwork on your new home, it’s time to consider what you really want to bring with you. With a few months before the real packing adventure begins, try going through your storage and closets to see if there’s anything you need to sell, give away, or toss. There’s no better time than now for some spring cleaning, and you’ll thank yourself when it comes time to load boxes onto the moving vans.


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